24 January 2012

Tutorial: Changing the hair color

Yet another easy tutorial.
I’m going to show you how to change your hair color with a few easy steps. It isn’t so difficult so if you want to spice up a picture with a different color, it shouldn’t be much trouble.
Let’s get started then.
First, opet up the picture you want to change the hair color on.

Create a new layer ( Ctrl+Shift+N) and select a soft brush.

Enter the quick mask mode by pressing Q and start coloring the hair.

Press Q again and you’ll end up with a rough selection of hair, but inverted, so press Shift+Ctrl+I to invert the selection.

Now, go to Layer> New Fill Layer> Solid Color and on the pop-up window select soft light.

When you press OK you’ll get another pop-up where you can pick your color. Pick the color and lower the opacity on the layer if it doesn’t look realistic. You can also press the mask on the layer and using the black or white brush add or delete the picked color.

And that's it! As I said, it's not that difficult, but you can get great results.
If you have any questions, post them in the comments.


  1. Great tutorial! Now I know what to look for when Obama's socialist propaganda machine tries to re-do his nappy African hair!

  2. freaking sweeet. i've always wanted to learn phoptoshop :D

  3. Nice one. I like purple color :-).