12 February 2012


Yup, still snowing. I really don't care about the snow today, I just hope it'll snow so much I don't have to go to school tomorrow. But that doesn't really matter.

I want to show you a logo I made for my friend and his clan. I wasn't doing anything special on my computer, I was listening to music and looking at blogs when my friend messaged me on Facebook. He wanted me to make him a logo for his clan. I said I'd do it, even though I had no experience with logos. He also mentioned that it has to be a shield-like shape. So I downloaded a shield and took it's shape.

I knew that it had to be simple. Nothing special, just a shield with their name "Team4ever".

After a few hours of looking at other people's logos I got an idea.
I created a logo that I really liked.

I sent him the logo, hoping that he'll like it, too. He didn't exactly like it, so I had to make some changes. He said I had to add more colors and take out the blur.
I tried his idea, with doubt that it'll look good. After the changes, I was amazed. It looked better then the first version. I sent him the logo and he really liked it. That really boosted my moral for today, because I've never made a logo before. So here's the final version, I hope you like it like my friend does.
Tell me which one you like more. :)


  1. i like the first one, but the second one looks more confident. considering the context, i would choose the second one.

  2. Yeah, that's probably why they took the second one :)

  3. Second logo looks really great, I think it's better then first :)

  4. Apples and oranges for me - both are good. However, if I was to pick one with the sole purpose of a logo in mind, I'd go for the second. Colours are vibrant and bring more attention and lack of blur helps in getting the logo straight - when someone sees it, it's instantly recognizable this way. That's my opinion.

  5. Yeah both are good, but colorful leaves better impression...so i vote for the second! ;)